MEMPHIS BEATLES: Elvis Meets the Beatles (Soundtrack): 10"

Sep 21, 2007

I love the Beatles, can tolerate Elvis, and have a higher tolerance for kitsch than your average Razorcake reviewer, all of which gives me a good chance to dig Elvis Meets the Beatles, the soundtrack to the short film of the same name. The liner notes claim that the record “outdoes the Rutles with an original score performed by all four Memphis Beatles.” I trust that the Memphis Beatles, whoever they may be, did, in fact, record this 10” but assure you that they pale compared to the Rutles (or the Kaisers or the Neatbeats or any other decent Beatle clones you care to mention). They did provide competent instrumental tracks that worked well enough to make me curious about the movie, though. Mike Faloon

 –guest (Lady Kinky Karrot)