When talking about creative endeavors, knowing how to do something—for example play an instrument or sing—can be a bit dicey. On the one hand, one wants to be proficient enough to be able to deftly execute whatever it is you’re doing. On the other hand, knowing too much or how to do something too well can also hamper one’s ability to create without having everything instead drown in technique, form, and all sorts of other shiny doohickeys. It’s clear pretty much from the first note that the two folks responsible for this are more than equipped and capable of playing instruments well—both are Berklee College of Music graduates and at least one has been in a band many folks know by name, at the very least. The performances here are damned good. The problem, however, is that many different ideas—jazz, punk, funk, R&B, and plain cerebral noodling—are thrown at the listener with no cohesion or solid foundation on which to lay it all. Many good ideas are tossed out into the ether, but one is not well matched with the next and built on a song structure that can hold it all together. Crunching that many disparate influences is not impossible—Butthole Surfers, Fishbone, Big Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Slits, The Pop Group and many others have made some interesting racket along the same path—but it does take considerably more work to pull it off than just knowing how to play really goddamned good. A lot here hints at potential greatness, but the best plan would be to regroup and start simple with a few good ideas for whole songs and then run ‘em through the filter.

 –jimmy (Bloodthirsty Unicorn)