MEMBRANES, THE: Kiss Ass, Godhead: CD

Nov 23, 2009

So far as I’m able to tell, this is a re-release of an album that came out 12 years ago. This is one of those bands I’d always heard of but never actually took the time to listen to, primarily ’cause I always thought they were one o’ them Crass-type bands and I hated Crass back then. Well, I’m kicking myself in the ass pretty hard right about now, ’cause this disc let me know exactly what I missed out on. This was produced by Albini back in his Big Black daze and the overall sound is reminiscent of that period. I guess this stuff would be called “post-punk,” and it has all the trappings: razorwire-sounding guitar, rumbly bass, lotsa “space” in the sound and all, but the songs are well realized and are catchy in a weird way. I guess I’ve got a new band whose back catalog I must search out.

 –jimmy (Overground)