Jun 13, 2014

So here we have the highly anticipated new album from Melt-Banana and I have to say right out of the gate that this could be my favorite album of 2013. The last I heard of the band was 2000’s Teeny Shiny, which I quite liked, though nothing would have prepared me for this. Fast-forwarding to Fetch sees the band expanding their sonic palette while simultaneously physically shrinking to a two-piece. The CD is all over the place in a good way, with familiar elements like hardcore blending seamlessly with glitchy guitar loops and waves of noise creating not only a technical but a visceral coup on your earholes. The one thing that hasn’t really changed much is vocalist Yasuko’s piercing shriek, though she is able to exercise some restraint when called for, such as in the album’s closer “Zero,” which veers dizzyingly toward dance-pop bliss. 

 –Garrett Barnwell (A-Zap)