MEGACOOLS, THE: “Weird Dreams Are Crazy” b/w “You Don’t Send Me No Flowers”: 7"

Nov 16, 2010

I need to immediately point out that both of these songs are lyrically sparse. In fact, the lyrics of each song consist of that song’s title and very little else. I was hoping to like this more than I did, simply because I highly approve of the prefix “mega” especially when paired with a positive adjective like “cool.” While we’re on the subject of adjectives, “You Don’t Send Me No Flowers” is howly (bad) where it could have been yelly (good) and the music is honestly a bit wanky (bad) for punk rock. “Weird Dreams Are Crazy” is a bit more fun, with all three band members taking turns on vocals and overlapping each other in an appealing way. These folks are obviously talented musicians, but I really wish they were talented songwriters, too. I wouldn’t want to listen to this 7” again, but I have hope for future releases.

 –jennifer (Megacool)