MEGACOOLS, THE: Introducing the Fun Police: LP

Nov 16, 2010

The only thing that I had heard previously from The Megacools is a two-song 7” they did in 2006. The A-side of that disc features a song called “Weird Dreams Are Crazy,” which kinda sounded like Can-influenced punk. The track on the other side of the disc, “You Don’t Send Me Flowers,” had some psychedelic garage stuff going on but fundamentally KBD. Awesome stuff. This, the debut LP from The Megacools, comes four years later. While not a total departure from the above-mentioned 7” because of their shared old school sounds, this was definitely unexpected. I have no clue what happened over the course of those four years, but this LP frenetic hardcore punk. It’s like they were listening to Back from Samoa and thought it was good but a little straightforward and boring. I’d totally recommend picking this up, but here’s the rub: only one hundred were made and the note attached to the LP says that it’s sold out. The note did suggest looking in distros, and so do I. So worth it.

 –Vincent (Sacramento, no address)