MEGA GEM: Colors of the West: CD

Nov 13, 2013

First off, this is not a punk album. This is straight Americana/folk/alt rock. There is no doubt that Modest Mouse has influenced Mega Gem through and through. There are hints of pop punk spattered here and there, but it is fleeting at most. I’m not really sure quite how to review such an album, since I do not know much about Americana nor do I like it very much. However, Colors of the West is not without some charm; it’s melodic, has diverse instruments: hand bells, ukuleles, various horn instruments, mandolins, banjos, cellos, heavy use of gang vocals, even a little girl singing on one track. Really, it goes on and on. It’s amateurish and a bit sludgy at times. I can imagine it’s an epic ordeal getting everyone on stage to perform live, or even to get the studio time and space needed to produce this album. Colors of the West is decidedly unpunk, but hey, if you like Americana or folk alt. with all the frills, this might be your jam.

 –Camylle Reynolds (Wild Baby,