MEERCAZ: Space Hate: 12” EP

May 03, 2011

Seems like a racketocious five-piece or something, with a clean right ear guitar, a fuzzy left ear guitar, a possible bass which might actually just be some leftover drum resonance or a passing balloon, drums, keyboards and/or a theremin, but then ya look on the back cover and it’s just three guys making this Mick Farren-ish extra-terrestrial Benzedrine racket, so they must either be incredibly dexterous or have multi-tasking down to a fine fucking art on their home planet. Flanger on the guitar yet! I thought they banned that the same time they banned the Space Piledriver. Really sounds more like aggressive stoner proto-punk from the mid-to-late-70’s ((maybe if Rock Bottom & The Spys eventually released their own “Sandinista!”?)) than it sounds like anything current, except for little chromatic things in “Unbreakable Song” that would have been disallowed under the rules of that period. I can’t truthfully say that i, for one, completely welcome our new insect overlords, but maybe that is just because they look more like the Bee Gees with smiley faces pasted over their mugs. BEST SONG: “Moving Up At The Speed of Sound” BEST SONG TITLE: “Space Hate” and “Unbreakable Song” are both pretty great. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Mixed at Red Lantern, the most violent of the Lantern Corps!

 –norb (Tic Tac Totally)

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