MEDICATIONS: Your Favorite People All in One Place: CD

Jun 13, 2007

So I get this CD of a band named Medications on Dischord Records. Dischord Records? Ian MacKaye? Awesome. Or is it? I start to listen. Oh my god, what is this? It sounds like Tool decided to join an indie label. Tool the band, not a type of hammer, wrench, etc. Slow jams right out of the gutter. Oh, this is so bad! Nine dreadful songs pass as I sit, listening to every single one in pure agony. Oh, but there is light! The last song, number ten, “Occupied,” is by all means a great fucking song. A post-punk masterpiece. I still don’t understand how something so good can be on such a piece of shit record, but it really is. It’s been on repeat for the last twenty minutes, and it really is still there. Listen to this song if possible, but don’t waste your time on any of the rest.

 –guest (Dischord)