MEATMEN, THE: Savage Sagas from the Meatmen: CD

Jul 26, 2014

Just when you think Tesco Vee’s bag of tricks has surely run dry, he jerks off in it and fills it anew with songs that would make your parents really angry. Hell, they might even make you feel uncomfortable. Speaking of bags, check out this line from “Big Bloody Booger on the Bathroom Wall”: “Sprayed va-jj juice in my bag of Taco Bell. Loves me some fish tacos, so what the hell?” The Dutch Hercules’s voice is just as growly and greasy as ever, and the tunes rock just fine. The band even veers away from their standard punk rock’n’roll into country territory for “The Ballad of Stinky Penis”: “He crept across the desert sand, a fetid wiener in his hand.” Everyone needs at least one Meatmen record in the collection to make parties strange, and this is just as good as any. 

 –mp (Self Destructo)

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