MEAT WAVE: Self-titled: Cassette

May 17, 2013

Surprisingly complex and seamless for a debut, these guys show no evidence of clunky change ups and left of target performances that plague new bands. Rife with hooks and brawny bass lines, “Keep Smoking” takes off like a horse at the bell with a throbbing guitar hook hit with a Lone Ranger space rock chord. “No Definition” plays up Chris Sutter’s scratchy, accessible Kurt Cobain vox that will have fans of grunge descend like flies upon this trio out of Chicago. A slower, lilting Dead Kennedy’s tempo sets up “15 Years” while “Lurie Garden Chopping” hurtles you back into a taught earwormy guitar rhythm. Well executed, these visceral nine tracks surge with beefy sustenance.

 –Kristen K (Let’s Pretend)