MEASURE, THE [SA]: Historical Fiction: 7”

Mar 17, 2008

Listening to music in specific formats has its own rewards. What’s great about following a band through a series of 7”s, when done well, is it’s like reading a book of short stories. Themes interconnect. There’s an overarching arc. You get the feel and tone and approach of a band. And that’s great, that’s artistry, that’s development; it’s not just an exercise in consumerism. It’s also a different sort of challenge for the band because the 7”s must stand on their own—several songs at a time—and give a true representation of the band, while being true to the texture to their body of work. These two songs, “Historical Fiction,” and a New Dress cover, are on the more quiet and introspective side of things, and they’re, well, just beautiful and show the range that The Measure [SA] is capable of. Pop punk is far too often a creative trap. This band shows that there’s still a lot to explore, and that’s why it’s so rewarding following them, step by step.

 –todd (Team Science / Kiss of Death)