MEASURE [SA], THE: Songs about People… and Fruit n’ Shit: 12”EP

Jan 14, 2009

Sometimes, I feel like crying at the overwhelming beauty that’s capable of showing itself amongst so much bleakness. Songs have been helping dissolve some of the sandbags in my stomach lately; have shored up my faith that I’m not going to drown in the landslide I feel I’m caught up in. It’s a measure of faith, and I have a ton in The Measure [SA]. They’re like a bunch of friends all coming over at once, unexpectedly, all with their own forms of good advice, all with fun and interesting things on their minds, playing songs with more and more confidence in who they are, separately and together as a group. I’ve been a fan of the band from the get-go and they keep on getting better and better. If you like songs about romance that cover people, places, DIY culture, ideas, and times, a romance that goes beyond simply plotted story lines or beyond solely between two people, I suggest you play this 12” so you can feel the bass through your feet, read along to lyrics, and soak it all in.

 –todd (Don Giovanni)

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