MEASURE [SA], THE: One Chapter in the Book: A Collection of Standard Waits and Measurements: CD

Nov 04, 2008

One of the most difficult facets of reviewing prolific bands that one likes is coming up with new ways to say “Hell yeah!” in a meaningful way. “Fuck yeah!” although appropriate, doesn’t quite do it. And how does one do a review of a collection when one’s reviewed all seven of the 7”s that made up that collection without a lot of repetition? (“Yeah dude. You’ve said that already.”) Let’s just stay that the Measure [SA] have accomplished one of those rare achievements—the audio equivalent to a collection of short stories, where all of the stories are strong and great on their own, but taken as a whole from tip to tail, is even more powerful due to the overarching, larger vision. One Chapter isn’t a roughly stitched-together singles collection to capitalize on a more convenient format (in much the same way Tiltwheel’s Battle Hymns for the Recluse Youth works). The Measure’s [SA]’s range become readily apparent. It’s a wonderful album—beginning, middle, end, and no “oh, that must’ve been the B-sides part,” celebrating the (almost) collected 7” outputs of one of the most feisty, sincere, and warm punk bands making music today. Although I’ve heard all of these songs before (even the—according to the liner notes—previously unreleased “Big A’s Space Jam”), I got chills listening to Lauren charge into “Union Pool” and “The Moment That You Said Yes,” even though I’d listened to both songs over and over again. So touching. So powerful. 

 –todd (Kiss Of Death / Team Science)