MEASURE [SA], THE: Old Crow: 7"

Jul 23, 2007

This is as good a place as any: you may notice that The Measure [SA] are the cover band this issue. Why? Because they’re—in my opinion—one of the best, active DIY punk bands going right now. That’s it. No focus groups. No mystery. No advertising dollars to consider for placement. No Soundscan. No “how many units? What’s their market?” silliness that “drives the economy.” Phooey to all that slippery slope, glossy expectation. Their LP is great and their first 7” completely blew me away. The songs are touching while still rollicking. They have their hearts on their sleeves, brains in their heads, and fire in their hearts. They also seem, to me, to be a band that fulfills the promise, that—at the very least—the underground can produce the best music on the planet if you listen close enough. The Measure [SA] are like pure thrill at the same time your heart breaks… with beavers.

 –todd (Los Diapers,

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