MEASURE [SA], THE / O PIONEERS!!!:: Split: 7”

The Measure [SA] was issue #39’s cover band. I think I’ve figured out why I like them so much. They’re romantic in the original tradition. There’s a lot to lose. There are scars, decay, and destruction. Things are far from perfect, but the band’s fostered this innate, driving force to create beauty from the ruin. And The Measure [SA] remind me of that fact when so few other bands do. Great songs. O Pioneers!!!: Having been aware of their early material and now this, it’s more than a little disarming how they’re paralleling Against Me!’s song craft over time. It’s like OP!!! has spent all their songwriting time using a mirror (a duplicate image incapable of a unexpected move) and a microscope (scrutinizing a pre-existing song’s tiny components and hoping it to reveal “secrets”) of another band, instead of attempting much of an original vision. Flat-out weird, because, dudes, Against Me! already exists, people know about them, and you’ll always be beholden to them musically. Cloning doesn’t sound like a lot of fun to me.

 –todd (Kiss Of Death)