MEASURE [SA], THE: My Heart and the Real World: Another Collection of Standards Waits and Measureme: LP

May 01, 2012

The Measure [SA] (RIP) were not a perfect band—they were an honest band that learned by trying and doing. That’s why I put some longtime trust in them. It wasn’t just the obvious strength and vulnerability in Lauren’s voice. It wasn’t only Fid’s hardcore strengths and sensibilities but his less obvious off-stage tenderness (and that he readily admits they became a much better band when he stopped drumming). The Measure were like a band that became a friend who was unafraid of reminding folks about political consciousness and how it’s tied into very real bodies, minds, actions. It wasn’t done through pedantics. It was done through example and a nice seven-year (?) run as a band. They were pop-infused punk, but that’s just the easy skin and we all know how too much attention to mere skin can be deceptive, can be manipulated. This is the second and final collection of Measure 7”s and comp tracks (Measurements 9-16). Well worth your time.

 –todd (No Idea)

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