MEASURE {SA}, THE: Historical Fiction: LP

Jul 13, 2006

Progress comes when old solutions just don’t quite work anymore. Bands that realize this very simple idea can excel at making great songs. The Measure {SA} sound concerned with the past, but they push it back: to the background, as a backdrop, and, ultimately, a springboard. And then they take center stage and play their own songs, brightly and powerfully. Although I hear passing points as far separated as the Pogues, Discount, and Bent Outta Shape, Historical Fiction is very far from a mess of gifts, poorly wrapped around someone else’s notes, but a complete and utter surprise that reveals itself slowly with each additional listen. It’s complex without being obtuse, melodic without artificial sweeteners, sincere without the “I like Jawbreaker. I like Converse. I ride a bike. Hug me. Coffee!” pitfalls. The entire record plays like it’s holding you close while dancing and singing in your ear. Neck and neck with Fifth Hour Hero’s Not Revenge… for coming completely out of left field and handing my ass to me.

 –todd (Don Giovanni / Salinas)