MEASURE (SA), THE: Demo 2005: CD-R EP

Aug 22, 2006

I pay attention when bands I like recommend another band. I pay more attention when a band I adore (The Ergs!) hands me something by that recommended band, which is how I came to get this. The problem is that I can’t quite nail it down; it’s one of the hardest bands I’ve been faced with describing, which is one of their many charms because they’re so far from sticking to any formula. According to their site, they started as a folk-punk band that just got faster and faster, which is pretty much what it sounds like, so I’ll use that. The female vocals are capable of provoking comfort one minute and a challenge in the next. His voice sounds strangely like Joe Strummer funneled through the belligerence of Shane McGowan. Each song is my favorite song until the next one comes on to take its place. Really good stuff here.

 –megan (