May 26, 2008

If you’ve read and listened half-assedly to Razorcake over the past couple of years, just the listing of this 7” should prompt you to seek this little slab of gold out, regardless of what I make up right after this sentence. The Measure [SA]: The lead song, “No Regerts” (intentionally misspelled), is the shot: self-doubt, scene-doubt, and life-doubt becomes a swelling anti-anthem. It’s one of those smile/cry songs where the protagonist is on the “cynical and jaded?” vs. “lifetime devotee-on-my-own-terms” fulcrum points in life. I hear celebration… You could call ‘em pop punk and it wouldn’t be wrong, but it wouldn’t be right, either, because that wipes out their biggest weapon: heart. Blotto: Man, if I was smart, I’d know who the Frankie Stubbs of Japan was, what Japanese town would be the Minneapolis basement equivalent, and I could totally make a “this type of sushi is from the best part of this fish; it’s delicious” reference to explain how Blotto’s songs fuckin’ rule by how they don’t wank, aren’t fatty, and cut through the international dateline like a sharp knife. But I’m not so smart. I’m just glad that Blotto’s on board. 

 –todd (Snuffy Smiles)