MEASURE [SA]: Means to an End: 7”EP

Jul 25, 2008

“Musical relationships” are tough. I consider members of The Measure [SA] my friends. And that’s purely from being a fan of their music in the DIY world, where we talk to each other and share stuff over the years. But I’m also a listener/critic who’ll tell someone I like who hands me a piece of music they made to review, “Dude, all I can give is my honest opinion. I may not like it.” And said opinion has strained and ended some friendships. It can be a horrible place to be in. It can also make one realize, “I have talented friends and it’s great to hear them challenge themselves.” And so it is with The Measure [SA]. I do believe I’m reviewing their seventh release, and they’ve still got my ear. The crib notes are that they’re a female-voice-lead punk band: melodic, romantic, and thoughtful. The surprise is in the song, “Oslo,” where they take a part of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech and make it a rollicking song all their own. Excellent.

 –todd (Salinas)