MEASURE [SA]: Jersey’s Best: 7” EP

Mar 23, 2012

Bittersweet. This 7” was released for the Measure [SA]’s final shows in New Jersey: an audio post card of thanks to their fans for seven years of support. It features the Golden Girls on the artwork non-ironically. The lyrics to the title track is like a meta-song for their last show, the story of the end, the echoes in the parking lot as people dissipate, going separate ways. It’s fitting: Lauren’s great voice, Fid’s inspired guitar, Mikey telepathic drumming. Legacies, nostalgia, the great void of—poof—part of what defined you for so many years gone; that’s a lot to deal with. Thanks for being a friend, Measure. Thanks for the ride.

 –todd (Don Giovanni)

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