MEANS, THE: Gimme the Creeps, Steve: 7″ EP

This record comes in a big fold-out silk-screened sleeve with some snakes and eagles and dogs and pictures of bandmembers and a female form with a snake coiled up in its uterus standing in front of an inverted five-pointed star with wings and the first song is that art-rock-meets-fake-blues stuff that it looks like we’re gonna hafta sit thru for like the next two years whether anybody wants it or not, the second song is like samples and stuff, the third song is a little more c/w-damaged and the fourth song has washboards or something (that’s apparently a big deal). The liner notes were so serious about the band’s greatness that i was gripped with an all-consuming horror that i had been recently guilty of the same sin, causing me to dash off to the nearest Leg Hounds CD to see how big a fuck i came across as therein (verdict: big enough). Here’s my favorite liner note bit: “The Means, to the best of my knowledge, are the only band that can possibly ‘save’ rock. Or bury it.” My favorite part is the “or bury it” part. Yeah. Rock is just QUAKING in its fucking boots right now. Don’t buy any green bananas, Rock! BEST SONG TITLE: “Annex, (2)” …i mean, DUDE, that is SOOO Dada and gnarly! BEST SONG: “Fitzpatrick” from what i can remember FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Hey, i KNOW someone named Steve!

 –norb (Roostercow)