MEAN STREETS: That Day: 7”

Jul 25, 2008

This record just might be the perfect package. First of all, I love seven inch singles. My favorite format. CHECK! Musically, Mean Streets come off sounding like something in the vein of The Beltones which is more than fine by me. The vocals are a little thinner though, but it took me all of a verse in the first song to get used to it. Both tunes are catchy and made me want to move. CHECK! This single is absolutely beautiful to look at. The cover art is all done in black, white and various shades of blue. There is none of the usual “tough guy street rock” trappings that a lot of bands in this genre fall into. Best of all, the slab of vinyl itself just might be the coolest wax I’ve ever seen. A marble of black and deep blue with white spattered throughout. CHECK! I think I’ll have to keep an ear out for more from these guys.

 –ty (Longshot)