Jan 11, 2011

Mean Jeans: Could probably handcuff me to a gorilla and shit on my chest (Mean Jeans and/or the gorilla) and I’d still forgive ‘em because their music’s so fun, so the right type of stupid, so bouncy, so punch-a-disco-ball and find out that thing’s really cut glass and you’re bleeding great, that although they’re the obvious descendants of the Ramones, it just means they know how to party. Mean Jeans are awesome. White Wires: If anyone hasn’t said it already, I’d like to stake the claim that the White Wires are Canada’s new millennium punk answer to The Carpenters. And those who know their music history, know how glossy-PG-13-on-the-surface, totally-fucked-gorilla-shit-at-the-core The Carpenters were. (Said as a compliment.) I’m no sociologist, but if White Wires become more popular, their tunes will probably be whistled by serial killers and soccer moms with equal relish, and I can’t deny this song is catchy as all hell.

 –todd (Dirtnap)