MEAN JEANS: Tight New Dimension: CD

Jul 13, 2016

I have loved Mean Jeans since the first time I heard them. They’ve always taken that irreverent, have fun at all costs attitude to the next level. I like stupid fun, because I am a stupid fun kind of guy. Every time I hear they’re putting out a new album, I get excited. This was no exception. I will admit I was a little shocked at how clean the production is. That quickly wore off when I realized that the Jeans are as hopped up on goofballs as they ever were. They just seem to have spent a little more time in the studio. No matter what, the end result is the same. Tight New Dimension is a Friday afternoon of a long weekend kind of album. You’ll be jumping up and down with a grin splitting your face and not a care in the world for at least two days. This is Mean Jeans’ End of the Century.

 –Ty Stranglehold (Fat)