MEAN JEANS: “Tears in My Beers” b/w “Cool 2 Drive: 7"

Mar 03, 2011

The essence of comedy is taking the darkest shit in humans’ psyche and making us laugh in spite of ourselves. It attempts to be a small slash of light in a fucked-up world with no shortage of truly horrible stuff happening every nanosecond. So when the Mean Jeans pull on the Ramones denim and stuff a couple sausages of songs down the front, we all know they’re not really encouraging everyone to drive drunk. Right? I mean, if you’re taking the Mean Jeans at their literal word, you’re going to run into some serious life management issues sooner or later that’ll involve jail time, someone getting injured, liver cirrhosis, or, at the very least, high cholesterol. Fuckin’ love the Mean Jeans. They take some of the sting out of George Carlin and most of the Ramones being dead.

 –todd (Trouble In Mind)