MEAN JEANS / HOLLYWOOD: Split: 7”: Split: 7”

Jan 19, 2012

Mean Jeans: Continually remind me of kids at school who did everything to look like they didn’t give a fuck, didn’t pay attention, clowned all the time, but, in reality, were some of the smartest people in the room. Although they’d never admit it when anybody else was around. So if they’re painted by others with the Keystone Kops, Bug Bunny, Ramones tri-colored brush, that’s fine, but that’s just the brightly lit side of the portrait. Another great song because being this dumb and this catchy is much harder than it looks, even if you’re sitting in the front row. Hollywood: Perhaps “I Prefer Drugs” isn’t the best introduction to them. It could go either way. It could go in a Midnight Evils direction with balls so big that their scrotes have calluses on ‘em. It could go in a, “Wow, that schtick became a noose” direction of Nashville Pussy. Too small of a dose to make a prognosis. Cover features the weird-lookin’ dude from The Room.

 –todd (Big Neck)