MEA CULPA: Corporate Nation: 4-song 7" EP

Jan 29, 2009

Four songs and not a dong in the bunch. It truly surprised me how well realized this new band is. It's catchy as heck and not merely socially conscious but hyper alert and literate. Although there are some bands that can a.) rock b.) think explicitly political thoughts c.) don't sound exactly like the past d.) aren't hyper-fast or Cookie Monstery (so you can hear the lyrics), there aren't a lot of 'em. Off the top of my head, Sweden brought us Randy; England, Four Letter Word; Canada, Propagandhi; The U.S., D4, the GC5, and Moral Crux. I may blaspheme here, but I've always thought there was a lot to be desired with Billy Bragg (liked his ideas, but he never got these toes really a-tappin') and don't even get me started with the melodramatic blubberfest of Fifteen. Sure, some of Mea Culpa's cues are taken from The Clash, especially on the guitar work, but there's a ton more at play here: twinges of country via the Dils (and Rank and File) and the breathless rebellion of Really Red. Perhaps thinking of a more tuneful Strawman would help you place 'em, and they're modernly updated. Regardless, if you come up with the lines like "There are police on every corner. Their badges say, 'Place Your Ad Here,'" I'd probably like your band, too. Fantastic.

 –todd (Empty)