ME TIME: Episode 1: 20 Years Late: CD

Nov 02, 2015

Being a teenage skate punk in the ‘90s myself, I totally see where these dudes are coming from. From the thanking of their wives in the liner notes to the band drawing done by the bass player Paddy’s kid Cooper. This is a couple of old pals who went off and did the family thing, then came right back around to their roots. Having a gang of step kids myself, the band name totally makes sense. The act of fatherhood, if done properly, is a selfless act and can be totally draining if one is not allowed some “me time”—kudos to these dads for acknowledging that fact and doing something about it. And doing a kickass job at that. If you were a wayward punk rock teen in the nineties and want to take a trip down memory lane with some brand new shit, check out Me Time! 

 –Jackie Rusted (Self-released,, [email protected])