Who would’ve guessed that this gimmick would last so long? After a CDEP, eleven seven inches, and this makes their fourth full-length, they’re still going strong. There are so many components that add up to their addictive sound: the songs they pick, the ability to adapt to those songs (who knew Black Flag’s “Six Pack” could serve as the perfect intro to a Seal song?), and, of course, Spike’s voice. On Take a Break, they say that they’re paying homage to some of the best black performers, but I know the secret: it’s all about Batman (the movie series, not the comic which I know little of except when Harley Quinn is involved). “What’s this girl been drinking?” you ask? It’s true and I have proof. It’s all there in the songs. First of all, it was too obvious to put “Nothing Compares 2 U” by Prince (who wrote the entire soundtrack for Batman) right before “Crazy” by Seal (whose “Kiss from a Rose” was the theme song to Batman Forever). “Ain’t No Sunshine” – okay, Batman lives where? GothamCity, the dark city and he’s referred to as the Dark Knight. No subtlety there. “I Believe I Can Fly” is a reflection of the frustration that Batman felt that he couldn’t actually fly. I mean, come on, how many gadgets did he have that could make it appear that he was flying? His calling card, the bat symbol, was shone where? That’s right. Up in the sky, a sky that he could never reach on his own. “Oh Girl” can easily be seen as the damage done to Bruce Wayne by the loss of his parents at an early age. Just look at the lyrics: “I don’t know where to look for love. I just don’t know how.” Truly saddening. “End of the Road” is the perfect song for the end of the love affair and epic battle between Bruce Wayne/Batman and Vicki Vale/Catwoman. “Save the Best for Last” is obviously not referring to that horrid piece of trash that was Batman and Robin, but for the characters they saved for that movie – Poison Ivy in particular. Speaking of Ivy, you can’t get a more “Natural Woman” than her, so you know why that song’s on there. Am I right or am I right? Get Take a Break, sing along, and see if you get “Vicki Vale/Vicki Vale/Ooh yeah, ooh yeah/I wanna bust that body” stuck in your head, too.

 –megan (Fat)