Sep 21, 2009

Dear Nitro: would it kill you to put the fucking speed on your 7"s? There's space on the label. Lots of it. Hello reader: It's the Gimme Gimmes covering Cat Stevens, a dude who became an Islamic badass, who at one time renounced popular music - including his own - as the tongue of the devil, and changed his name to Gerrard Depardieu. He now likes his old music. He also wanted the head of Salman Rushdie for writing The Satanic Verses. The GG's are famous punks who add drums and guitars to the sackless, sitar-laden popular standards. On a funny note, their first 7" just went for around $125 on Ebay, which, if you think about it, is probably more than it costs for any Cat Stevens record; a small indication that the world is now spinning a little more correctly. I like this more than I should. I know I like 'em better than the originals, that's for sure.

 –todd (Nitro)

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