MDC: Nothing tops the Millions of Dead Cops LP for me. That record is as equally powerful today as it was when I first heard it when it came out. Only the Multi-Death Corporations 7” came close. I have to admit that everything afterwards has just been okay with me. This, surprisingly, sounds real good to me: charging punk rock that they basically wrote the instruction book on. The only thing I wish is that the guitar sounded heavier. They are a bit clean for my liking. I would put this as number three on my list for their output. Restarts: I tend to favor this side of the record from these U.K. punks. This side definitely got more repeat listens. I remember first hearing them off their System Error CD that Havoc Records put out awhile back. UK82 meets today without sounding like a carbon copy. They continue that tradition and what stands out for me is that they still know how to carry a melody. They play songs that are catchy and infectious, yet still know when to put forth some aggression. This side gets my beer-raised salute. Overall, a good release. I did like the record nerd touch of the vinyl being split brown and white, matching the color scheme of the cover.

 –don (Rodent Popsicle)