MDC: Now More Than Ever: CD

Feb 25, 2009

The title says it all. In a time when self-appointed messenger from God, John Ashcroft wants to rip our civil liberties to shreds, Dick Cheney keeps trying to pad his bank account with the spoils of Alaska, and TomRidge’s color-coded homeland security system tells us if it’s orange we’re totally fucked, we need MDC. BeerCity presents thirty-one hardcore anarcho-protest songs from the dark days of the evil empire that spawned the New New World Order. Think of it as a hardcore time capsule from the ‘80s. But it’s not all “smash the state” and “kill the cop in yourself,” songs like “Deep in the Heart,” “Skinhead” and “Nazis Shouldn’t Drive” demonstrate a sense of humor that MDC’s contemporaries couldn’t match, paving the way for bands like NOFX and Anti-Flag. MDC is one of the few politically aware bands that insist you take them seriously and reward those who do with passion, intelligence, and humor.

 –jim (Beer City)