MDC: Now More than Ever: CD

Feb 25, 2009

A greatest hits package that spans from 1980-2000. Once formerly the Stains based out of Texas, they changed their name when they found out there was a band with the same name in

East LA.When they (with name changed) and DRI moved to SF, they became one of the bands of the scene that broke out throughout the world. They were at the forefront in the early eighties with their politically charged lyrics and brash hardcore attack. Their first album, Millions of Dead Cops, and the EP, Multi Death Corporations, was a must have at the time. I still pull those records out to this day. It’s nice to hear many of the same songs here without the cracks and pops. My copies are pretty worn from being played so much. It was probably hard to compile all these songs because everybody has their favorites. I appreciate the effort and I think this is a good listen. Now kids, go buy this before you waste your money on Ebay on the originals.  –don (Beer City)