MDC: Millions of Dead Cops – Millennium Edition: CD

Jul 21, 2015

Seeing as I’m fairly confident in the conceit that this is the linchpin album for this highly influential act—and if a potential listener has any interest in the hardcore punk genre they’re already in the process of wearing out their fifth or sixth copy of this—I’ll save the fawning and cooing about how fuggin’ great it is. Suffice to say it’s fast, it’s loud, and it’s pissed off. What I will fawn and coo over are the extras. In addition to the original full length, Beer City has tacked on the cuts from the Multi-Death Corporations EP; the Millions of Dead Children EP; the John Wayne Was A Nazi single released before the band conceded their original name, Stains, to the East Los Angeles powerhouse that had already been using said moniker; a 1983 live set from CBGB, the two tracks included on the Rat Music for Rat People Volume 2 compilation; and a gaggle of previously unreleased tracks, including two recorded during the session that resulted in the aforementioned Stains single. If this were 1985, you’d be pretty much caught up to their oeuvre up to that point with one purchase and waiting impatiently to throw your lunch money at the local record shop owner for their Smoke Signals LP. You’d probably have to wait a few years before you could play this in 1985, though, ‘cause unless you were rich, CD players weren’t quite yet a “thing” then. Thank Mahfü we live in the modern age! 

 –jimmy (Beer City)