MDC: Magnus Dominus Corpus: CD

Jul 06, 2007

Leave it to Dave Dictor and MDC to come out of the blue with a new album and not mince words. In addition to a couple of requisite anti-cop tunes (including a reworking of “No More Cops”), the boys dole out stinging slaps to Bush, “poseur punks,” dead nazi-skin heroes (a reworking of “Nazis Shouldn’t Drive”), Epitaph/NOFX/Rancid and other “rich punks,” and many others. While they don’t work things up to the pummeling froth of their first three or four EPs and first full-length, they still sound as gloriously radio unfriendly as ever. Nice to hear these guys serve up a healthy dose of “fuck you” to the system once again.

 –jimmy (Sudden Death)