MDC: Elvis in the Rhineland–Live in Berlin: LP

Jul 13, 2016

If you think you can’t be bored by a band called Millions Of Dead Cops singing “John Wayne Was a Nazi” to actual Germans a year before the Berlin Wall came down then, sure, you can think that. Maybe it’s the late ‘80s power snare/crossover sheen that I can’t hang with. At one point Dave Dictor says, “A lot of smart people try to tell you there’s not enough food in the world and I think they’re chock full of shit,” and the audience has no reaction to that, then MDC plays “Chock Full of Shit.” Was this an issue in 1988? One side said we need more food and the other side says no, we have plenty? Many years later this moment is remastered and pressed onto very nice red vinyl, along with about five hundred riffs and one cover of “Jailhouse Rock” with the chorus changed to “Dead Cops Rock.” Scandalous.

 –Matt Werts (Beer City,