MCRAD / FRONTSIDE FIVE: 50x50 Split: Split CD

Jan 07, 2008

The Church of Motörhead is not a bad place to worship. Just make sure the service requires no kneeling, because we all know that, given enough drugs and drink, Lemmy’s communion chalice tips both ways. I hope the Frontside Five heeds this warning. They’ve got a serious Motörhead infection going on, and the only cure may be a dose of ol’ Lemster’s man serum, “injected” rectally for maximum potency. Repent thy sins, Frontside Five, not for coveting the Motörhead sound, but for copying those cringe-inducing shout-along parts found on Pennywise albums. The rest of the FF half of the album is paint-by-numbers skate punk. McRad’s portion of the CD is a tale of two styles—early ‘80s hardcore (good!) and reggae (“’gae!”). The good-to-gae ratio is lamentably stacked for the ‘gae side, 1:5. Listening to this particular brand of reggae is about as exciting as watching sap drip down the side of a tree, which is a shame, since the hardcore comes on like 7 Seconds in their glory days.

 –benke (Fivecore)