Nov 04, 2008

Let’s start by wiping the slate clean. I forgive the Mcrackins. They named their latest disc Eggzit instead of Eggzit Stage Left. I would argue that the latter is funnier as well as being a courtesy from one Canadian power trio (the Mcrackins) to another (Rush). Others would argue that the joke is too obvious, too easy. Let’s call it a draw and move forward. Fourteen years into their career, the Mcrackins still insist on dressing up as two eggs and a dog. That’s as admirable and commendable as it is ridiculous. Like Bobcat Goldthwait’s voice, it’s a labor-intensive shtick that would be easier to drop but their act just wouldn’t be the same. So after reviewing the title and the artwork the Mcrackins are in the black (+1). The songs on Eggzit are a different matter. I’m not certain whether it’s the writing or the production, but the end result is too slick, almost commercial. The lyrics get goofy once in awhile, but a lot of the backing vocals and guitar solos are too radio friendly. The gloss masks the spark that marked their best records of the mid-‘90s (I’m thinking of their releases for Shredder and Stiff Pole). 

 –Mike Faloon (Cheapskate)

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