MCRACKINS: Live from Thunderbird Radio Hell: CD

Jul 06, 2010

I’d heard of this band a while back, but never checked them out, on account that they’d compared themselves to J Church, which got a “Yeah, right” eye roll from me. But, if Nardwuar speaks that highly of someone, I’ll give them another shot. Apparently, this is a live session from CiTR, with a bunch of covers thrown in. Musically, it’s pretty—fast pop punk from guys who can clearly play the hell out of their instruments always wins with me. I only have two—or really one-and-a-half—complaints: First, the shtick (they dress up like two eggs and a dog). As someone who’s been in not one, but multiple shtick bands, I don’t hate it, but, in this case, it gets pointed out again and again. It’s such a crazy idea, that I think it’d make me laugh to no end if it was just never pointed out (would the Coneheads have worked if everyone they met immediately said, “Dude, what’s with your heads?”), aside from the occasional “cracking under pressure,” etc. metaphor. But that leads me to my other complaint, which is that there’s a shit ton of goofy-as-hell banter. Again, I love me some funny banter, but a lot of it’s just so self-deprecating (again, love that too), that I just want to say “You guys can play the hell out of those songs. Just OWN it already.”

 –joe (Killer)