MÖBIUS STRIP: Step Down: 7”

Jun 06, 2014

Möbius Strip has a thick, chunky bass sound that I really enjoyed. The DC-based trio recorded Step Down at Inner Ear Studios with the legendary Don Zientara, and the echoes of DC bands past can be heard in their sound. They’re not more than echoes though, as Möbius Strip demonstrates a command of songwriting that stretches a wide gamut. The title track, “Step Down,” is a slow, but relentlessly chugging song, which stretches across the first side of the 7”, and shows Möbius Strip at their heaviest. “O’Dark:30”on the B-side, isn’t as heavy, but plays with a bit higher intensity. This added intensity carries on to the closing track “Interpretation,” whose wailing one-word chorus really kicks. 

 –Paul J. Comeau (Left Out, leftoutrecords.com, [email protected])