MAYNARDS, THE: Date and Destroy: CD

Apr 27, 2009

All three of The Maynards band members sing and, at first, you want to separate them and put them in their own bands. The two female members sound a little alike but Heath, the band’s guitar player and only male, throws a weird vibe in to the mix. The album starts off with a soft indie rock dance number, the sort you could see getting a fair amount of applause for an opener at a Tegan And Sara concert or something, but less depressing. Then comes Heath on track two with a song that could have been a Briefs B-side. The whole album jars you from side to side for all eleven tracks. Everything from indie pop to punk to DIY street cheerleader jams. It’s tempting to dismiss this band, but after repeat listens it becomes harder to do so. I can’t decide if they should focus or get even crazier. I will say that I wouldn’t blame them if they changed their band name. I’m probably just sensitive because my mom used to call me Maynard when I was a kid.

 –Steve Stephenson (MAPL,