MAXINES, THE: Self-titled: 7”EP

Jan 19, 2012

Remember the first time you huffed glue with paint? That fuzzy oval of silver around your mouth and nose from the bag? Before the severe brain damage? Yeah. Good times in the garage. That’s where the Maxines come in with their hollow-body-sounding, ragged-crunchy, fuzzed-out, Cramped-up-funfest. Billy Childish and Hasil Adkins nod and twitch and milkshake and Hunch in approval. Gritty Patsy Cline twists out a cigarette with the heel of her shoe and dudes are biting their palms. Two piece. Featuring Matt Murillo of the Jewws (Razorcake #11) and a lady who graduated college and didn’t get all loadie on aerosols. Put out by the folks who were at the tip of the Tranzmitors rocket. Top that. Nice.

 –todd (La-Ti-Da, [email protected],