MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #330: $4, 8 ½” x 11”, newsprint, 128 pgs.

Mar 04, 2011

In Carolyn Keddy’s review of We Never Learn by Eric Davidson, she makes a comment that more-or-less states: people who dismiss MRR as a petty punk bible do so because either their band received a shitty review or they don’t actually read the magazine. I tend to agree with her. Very rarely do I encounter someone who’s hostile towards the publication that has picked it up in the last five years. They’re an easy target for anyone who wants to shoot their mouth off. But there’s absolutely nothing in punk that’s as massive and encompassing that’s still printing, or ever was, for that matter. But if you haven’t picked up a copy lately, I highly suggest it. It’s still an amazing way to get turned onto great new bands. –Daryl (MRR, PO Box 460760, SF, CA 94146-0760)

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