MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #327: $4, 8 ½” x 11”, newsprint

Nov 24, 2010

Someone writing about how they had a horrible time at a fest, then proceeding to tell you who they spoke to and who they bought records with. A discussion of what is and is not punk—such as the DMV—prompted by an armpit waxing identity breakdown. A scene report about someone who states it sucks to live there, then proceeds to tell you all the things that rule about their country. That’s life as portrayed through columns in a punk magazine; and like life, sometimes it sucks and sometimes it rules. Stand out interviews would be Os Estudiantes and Ratchargezine. Lots of international stuff, which was enjoyable. It’s cool to see people finding an escape from their fucked reality through punk around the world. This zine is one very solid way to spend a night at the Laundromat. –Rene Navarro (Maximum Rocknroll, PO Box 460760, SF, CA94146)