This is okay. I think the concept is far more interesting than the execution. This album comes in a large 12” x 12” manila envelope with the lyrics and other information in a set of photocopied sheets stapled in the corner, laid out like some government file, with UFO-type information to go along with the lyrical theme, and the sound bites that are sprinkled liberally through out the album. The music varies between mid-tempo to speedy hardcore punk. The playing is loose and the vocals can be nasally and grating at times. They remind me of the Darvocets, just not as good. I think they should use fewer sound bites, as they do detract from the energy of the music. I wonder what they could do if they focused more on the songs and coming up with something a bit tighter and more solid. For now, it’s just okay, and not something that would warrant more than a couple listens, at best.

 –M.Avrg (Problem Solved Industries,