MAXIMUM EFFORT: Demo: Cassette

Mar 27, 2012

Hardcore punk and UFO/conspiracy theories? It’s a wonder more bands haven’t tread this territory. The only other band I can immediately remember is Darvocets. But Maximum Effort is less paranoid and more direct and defiant in their approach. Stylistically, these guys have a mid-’80s Midwest sound that’s tuneful, with some urgency to keep it moving forward. They never really tip it in the red, speed-wise. Instead, they create a tension in the song and generate energy from that. As a result, the songs are easily remembered long after, unlike that night a friend and I were driving around in the Nevada desert, then, suddenly, I guess it was days later, even though it felt like minutes, we awoke in a police station in Saskatoon, Canada. Strange times. I have these peculiar visual flashes sometimes, though I can’t tell what they are. Bright white light and fuzzy forms floating about a very clean room. Anyway, I digress... Back to the music. Keep it on the music, as it does help drown out this constant humming my head that sounds like the low murmur of a million voices from across the galaxy. There are seven songs on here that vary in tempo and the pacing is pretty good. Peaks and valleys! Songs like “Outerspace” are a happy medium, in contrast to songs like “CIA Man,” or “Dulce, MN.” Then there’s the frantic energy of “Rep/Dem Bullshit” about the shadow government. One side of the tape has sound bites about UFOs and the CIA in between songs, and the other has the songs uninterrupted. I’m curious to hear what they do next. This is pretty good.

 –M.Avrg (Maximum Effort, [email protected])

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