MAXIES, THE: Greenland Is Melting: LP

Erroneously viewed as a joke/gimmick band by their detractors, OrangeCounty’s Maxies have been forging on with their fun, pop punk/power pop antics. Until now, their debut album was only available on CD. This vinyl reissue is long overdue. Purporting to be from Greenland, they sing about love, dancing, snow, and, of course, Greenland. Just because they wear costumes and have a sense of humor doesn’t mean that they can’t write good songs. It’s been almost a decade since they started their shenanigans, but there’s still freshness to their joyful goofiness. The breakdown into Cheap Trick’s “Surrender” in the title track is pure genius. The kids are melting for the Maxies for good reason. 

 –Art Ettinger (It’s Alive)