MAX LEVINE ENSEMBLE: Them Steadily Depressing, Low Down Mind Messing, Post Modern Recession Blues: 7" EP

Nov 30, 2010

I’ve been into these guys for a while now, on a casual basis—I’ve caught them live a couple times, and always enjoyed them, but never really listened to them on record. I’ve always enjoyed them, but chalk it up to being in different sub-scenes (with them more likely to be attending a political rally of some sort, myself more likely to be sitting around watching sitcoms and eating pizza). Listening to them at home, I feel like this is the bridge between Southern/Rocky Mountain sounds like ADD/C or Sexy and mid ‘90s skate punk, injected with their own politics. While the elements sound familiar, the final product ends up sounding like its own animal, which is a good thing.

 –joe (Asian Man)